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Recap – BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) Tune Clinic

Written by SheJumps Far Forth Ambassador, Michelle Brazier

With biking season well under way in the Bow Valley, a group of gals got together to learn how to maintain their two-wheeled whips.


It was a beautiful summer day at Cascade Ponds, where we gathered to listen and learn from Banff-based bike mechanic, Dave Williams.

The ladies eagerly got their hands dirty as we learned how to change a flat and fix a broken chain when you’re out of beer and in the middle of nowhere. Dave explained the differences between tubes and tube-less tires; he went over the pros and cons of the types of tools you can use in field or at home, and we talked about the various products that are available on the market for basic bike repairs.


We’d like to give huge thanks to Dave Williams and of course to all the ladies who BYOB (Brought their own Bikes).

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