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SheJumps Downhill Day at Massanutten Bike Park

Come join us for the first SheJumps Downhill Day at the Massanutten Bike Park. Massanutten’s new Mountain Bike Park features beginner-friendly terrain, perfect for an introduction to downhill mountain biking, while also offering an exciting experience for veteran riders. This will be an awesome way to try out downhilling, obtain valuable instruction, and hit the trails with new friends. The day will start with a 75 minute lesson on the lower trails with professional instruction by the bike school, followed by a free-ride session. After lunch there will be a guided group ride on the advanced upper trails (based on ability), or more free riding down low for those who would like more practice. When our lift tickets expire at 2pm, we’ll gather at Base Camp on the lodge deck to enjoy some food and fellowship while rehydrating. There will also be a raffle of women’s specific mountain bike clothing and outdoor gear to support future SheJumps programming!

If you’re interested in trying a new sport, or elevating your riding skills to the next level, sign up today! Whether you are an aspiring rider or a downhill nut, Massanutten’s Bike Park is the place for you! Bikes will rent out very quickly, there is a limited number … reserve your space on Eventbrite today via button below!

Participants must be 15 years old or older.


9:00am to 9:30am – Check-in, get tickets and rentals

9:45am to 11:00am – Lesson on lower trails

11am to 12:15pm – Free ride and lunch break

12:30pm – 1:45pm – Guided group ride on advanced upper trails (based on ability) and/or free ride on lower trails

2:00pm – Lift tickets expire/Return rental equipment

2:15pm – 4:00pm – Social and bike/outdoor gear raffle at Base Camp on the lodge deck

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercising. This includes athletic shoes and socks but no open toe shoes. We require approved bike full-face helmets. Additionally, we recommend that you have protective body armor that includes, leg protection and elbow pads. This protective equipment can be rented through the rental shop via the event online registration. Gloves and goggles are also recommended. Gloves can be your best friend if you happen to take a spill out on the trails. There’s nothing fun about having a patroller pick little bits of gravel out of your palms. It may rain or drizzle, so be prepared to bring a rain jacket. It’s best to be prepared for any possible weather conditions, this includes cool & windy, hot & humid, wet or dry. Remember to bring water or sports drink/hydration pack for when riding.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Massanutten Mountain Bike Park is a gravity-fed park. You take the lift up and ride down the mountain. This style of riding is best suited for very specific bicycles and gear. We highly recommend a minimum wheel diameter of at least 26″, protective body armor, a minimum of 4″ of shock travel, and we also recommend that all seats be set at a lower position. Riding a real downhill or enduro mountain bike with lots of plush suspension and big brakes will give you a more enjoyable riding experience. Full suspension bikes are available for rent via the event online registration.

Like any sport or outdoor activity, Downhill Mountain Biking has certain risks. However, these risks can be minimized and you can have a safe, enjoyable and injury free experience by being personally responsible for your own physical wellbeing, making good decisions. Massanutten’s Park features a lower lift that will provide access to Beginner and Intermediate trails for newcomers while also offering advanced jump and singletrack trails accessible from an upper lift that are sure to thrill any enthusiast.

ABILITY LEVELS: Participants must be able to ride a bicycle with hand brakes and gears. Previous mountain bike experience is helpful, but not required. Only riders of advanced ability level will be taken to the upper level trails. Trails at the Bike Park are rated green circle (beginner), blue square (intermediate), blue/black square/diamond (advanced), blue/black square/orange oval (advanced with jump skills required), and black diamond (expert).


Minimum Equipment Requirements

  1. – Bike designed for mountain biking. No hybrids, bmx, or road bikes

  2. – 24″ wheel or bigger

  3. – Front suspension fork

  4. – Front and rear disc brakes – Rim brakes are not allowed.

  5. – No tires wider than 3.5″

Minimum Gear Requirements

  1. – A Full-face helmet certified for downhill biking – Rentals available

  2. – Elbow and knee pads – Rentals available

  3. – Sturdy, fully enclosed shoes


Recommended Equipment

  1. – 5″ or more travel full suspension mountain bike

  2. – Hydraulic disc brakes

Recommended Gear

  1. – Mountain bike goggles or athletic style glasses.

  2. – Mountain biking specific shoes or light hiking shoes/boots (no sandals).

  3. – Gloves

Do you want to rent or bring your own bike? You can bring your own bike, however, only Mountain Bikes are allowed. We do not allow Road Bikes, BMX Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes or Beach Cruisers. All bikes must have front and rear disc brakes in proper working condition. No coaster brakes or V-Style are allowed. Bikes must have at least front suspension and it is highly recommended they are full suspension. It’s always a good idea to have your bike inspected by a qualified mechanic if you’re unsure of its condition. Massanutten’s fleet of Trek Remedy and Sessions bikes are available for rent at the rental shop. You may reserve one via the online event registration.

It is also highly recommended that all riders drop their seat posts. When in doubt, drop your seat posts! This will give you the range of motion necessary for a safe neutral riding position when negotiating bumpy, undulating terrain. While you may feel as though the seat post height on your current XC set up is proper, a lower seat height is strongly recommended.


$35 – (includes lift ticket, 75 minute lesson)

$53 – (includes lift ticket, 75 minute lesson, full face helmet rental)

$60 – (includes lift ticket, 75 minute lesson, rentals of full face helmet, elbow and knee pads)

$80 – (includes lift ticket, 75 minute lesson, rentals of full suspension bike, full face helmet, elbow and knee pads)

Eventbrite - SheJumps Downhill Day at Massanutten Bike Park

Contact: Kelly Drewnowski –

Join the Facebook event to get the latest updates!

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