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SheJumps Goat Yoga at Wobbly Ranch – Recap

Sunday, June 25th, in what was the most huggy, kissy and giggly Shejumps event that I have been to, 20 hardy Girafficorns gathered at The Wobbly Ranch in Snohomish Washington for some very hot goat yoga.  We were greeted upon arrival by “Olaf” the pickpocket goat who reminded us to secure all of our belongings!

Photo Jun 26, 1 10 38 PM

The 90 plus degree temps only added to the workout while participants took part in a full yoga class outdoors in a pastural farm setting.  There were plenty of hydration, petting, and selfie breaks throughout the session as the adorable “kids” wandered the enclosed yoga pen interacting, eating grass, and making the most interesting noises.  Giggles and goat sounds made for the noisiest yoga session ever!

Post yoga,  Wobbly Ranch owner Amanda gave us all a brief insight into the past and present lives of these rescue goats.  Their individual stories were heartwarming and heartbreaking.  We all agree, life is now great for these wonderful animals at their new home.

Photo Jun 26, 1 08 05 PM

We then all had time for photos, hugs, visiting all of the larger (horns included) animals, cold beverages,  a little time trial croquet competition in the pasture and a drawing for some great swag.

Photo Jun 26, 1 19 13 PM

Thank you to all who attended and Wobbly Ranch for your chilled out, welcoming atmosphere……and to our awesome donors!


SheJumps Ambassador 

Cheryl Kochevar

Big thanks to our Sponsors!


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