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SheJumps River School: A New Fly Fishing Program for Women

SheJumps is excited to announce the newest cornerstone to our year-round programming: SheJumps River School.

In 2012, SheJumps began offering technical alpine events with the creation of the Alpine Finishing School. We’ve since expanded our progression events for all elements of alpine play, from hiking to ski mountaineering through our Alpine Development School. By applying that same curriculum for river activities, we’re achieving our goal to impact more women and girls, regardless of their geographic location or access to mountainous terrain. It’s another step to ensure SheJumps’ programs can reach as many communities as possible by offering unique, thorough, and thoughtful programming. Through online and in-person events—curated by world renowned guides—the SheJumps River School offers everything from technical instruction to environmental stewardship and mentorship through fly-fishing and rafting courses.

From novice to advanced, this summer you can learn from amazing women guides at the SheJumps River School to develop your fishing skills. We also offer a few rafting events with our guiding partners. (See the page for more details).

“The passion that drives mountain women to develop their backcountry skiing skills through SheJumps programs is similar to the passion that will drive river women to develop their fly fishing skills through the same style of programming. My sister, Whitney and I have been working and playing in the fly fishing industry together since our youth, and we are excited to bring this fun, dynamic, new curriculum to women who we know will make the community stronger.” - Hilary Hutcheson

The River School is presented by Orvis, along with additional support from both Patagonia and YETI to help advance the number of women participating in fly fishing.

In addition to the River School, we’ll be offering more fly fishing events, starting with an online Fly Fishing 101 | with Heather Hodson on April 14, 2021.

“In 2019, the gender gap in fishing participation continued to close. Female participation numbers grew by an annual average of 3%—from 17.1 million people in 2016 to 17.9 people in 2019. And, the participation rate increased by an annual average of 2% to reach 12%. There were also bright spots among adolescent girls’ participation numbers. Among girls, ages 13 to 17, participation grew by 6%, which was the most growth in any female age group.” - Outdoor Industry Alliance 2020 Special Report on Fishing

Right to left: Whitney Mihoan and Hilary Hutcheson.

River Development School

The SheJumps River Development School: Madison River Camp, presented by Orvis, is a 3-day women's fly fishing course hosted in Ennis, Montana in the heart of the Madison River valley. The course is instructed by professional female fly anglers. The River Development School (RDS) is an opportunity for beginner to intermediate freshwater anglers to learn and build on fly fishing skills in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. Topics covered include conservation and stewardship, preparation, safety, gear and equipment, casting, knots and rigging, entomology and reading water. The River Development School is the next step in your fly fishing journey – during the course of the weekend you will gain the philosophy, instruction, education and tools you need to become an independent, knowledgeable angler.

River Finishing School

The SheJumps River Finishing School, presented by Orvis, is a 3-day women's fly fishing course hosted at the Big Hole Lodge in the heart of one of Montana’s most pristine fly fishing destinations. The course is instructed by professional guide and outfitter Hilary Hutcheson, alongside owner and guide Wade Fellin and his team at the Big Hole Lodge.

The River Finishing School (RFS) is an opportunity for experienced anglers to advance their fly fishing skills in an authentic, supportive environment. Topics covered include river trip preparation, decision making, conservation, ethics, being comfortable in the outdoors, as well as some advanced fly fishing and river navigation techniques. Please note: this course will not cover basic casting, knots, entomology or river etiquette. This skillset is a prerequisite to participating in River Finishing School.

In step with the progression of your technical skills, this course nurtures a keen understanding of our pristine natural resources and the steps you can take to protect them. Knowing your role in conservation initiatives is key to building a responsible, sustainable fly fishing community.

More SheJumps events

For all upcoming SheJumps events, follow SheJumps on Eventbrite.

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