SheShreds at Stevens Pass: Biking with SheJumps & Bell Joy Ride – Recap

Opening weekend was one for the books as SheJumps teamed up with Bell Joy Ride and hit the hill for the third annual GTGO SheShreds @ Stevens Pass.

Attendees broke into groups based on ride levels. Each group was assigned an experienced ride leader from the Evergreen Crank Sisters, Bell Joy Ride, and SheJumps volunteers. We had eight women brand new to mountain biking join us and were teamed with the excellent instructors of Stevens Pass to get the ultimate introduction to Downhill Mountain Biking.

The stoke was high as we set off on our “No-Drop” group rides.

The mystical garifficorn was easily spotted all over the hill.

After lunch, Stevens Pass provided an Advanced Jumps and Drops Clinic with their certified instructor Shannon Mahre-Skouras. The group spent the afternoon working on proper technique and skill building and worked into more technical and advanced riding.

Lady trains make us smile. Our cheeks still hurt from laughing.

Our sponsors we’re more than generous and the ladies were hyped.

The youngest shredders amongst us scored big time.

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and a HUGE thank you to Stevens Pass for hosting us for another year. A big Shout out to Shannon Mahre and Kristen Faris for running the advance clinic, as well as Evergreen Cranksisters and Bell Joy Ride gals from Gig Harbor for sending awesome ride leader volunteers our way!


Bell Joy Ride Ambassador

Natasha Weiss

Full resolution photos can be located here (not forever, but at least for now 🙂 ), big thanks to Ryan French for chasing us around all day!

Big thanks to all of our local sponsors!

And of course another thanks to our national sponsors as well!

As well as EcoLips and Treeline Coffee.

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