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Moonlight Ski/shoe the Long Trail and down Bromley recap

Feb 11th, Green Mountain Club members and SheJumps participants met at the trail head in Manchester VT for a backcountry ski and shoe.

Each of us counted off 1-17, then  strapped in and buckled, backpacks loaded headlamps on, and off we went single file up 3 miles to the top of Bromley Sun Mountain. There was  leaping over snow covered brooks, moving cautiously over narrow beam bridge and a wooden bridge, getting warm enough to shed some layers and stop midway for water and vocalize our amazement ahead of us an up. The clouds had cleared and the fullest moon appeared on the ridge, rising to us! The shadows from the maze of trees around us were magical.  The last few hundred yards on Bromley Mountain’s  Run Around trail, all headlamps turned off, without a word needed to direct us, and all that was heard was movements in soft deep snow and all we saw was the fattest glowing moon in our path to the Ski patrol summit hut.

gmc long trail moon

At the hut , after a change out of our sweaty shirts, we shared multiple treats brought by all. Regional coordinator for Vermont laid out pretty radical raffle items for us to consider.  Ecolips chap stick was handed out to all. We savored the samples from Treeline Coffee, and pocketed the free samples of sunscreen from Coola until our next sunny ski day!

We descended to the base of the ski mountain, after making sweet wide turns, as we had the mountain to ourselves. We hung out at the base, looking up at the snowcats , the lights moving up and down trails. We realized that we had all come from fairly long distances for this night, Mass, Northern Vermont,  and New Hampshire. We enjoyed sharing our passion for winter sports, regardless of age, which ranged from 25 to 68! SheJumper friends became determined to spread the news that the most fun times are had if one just keeps connected with our social media to discover upcoming and new events!

Thank you to everyone that came out!  All of these events are made possible by our amazing partners, Green Mountain Club ( Become a member!, COOLA, Ecolips, Little Red Wagon Coffee / Treeline coffee. And thank you All Above Vermont Store for the soup!

We’re planning on having this event again on a full moon next winter! To make sure you don’t miss out on this event or others join our Facebook page or check out our website!

gmc long trail start
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