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We Believe in Community

We believe that community is centered around values, and our values remind us that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from—anyone can live a life of adventure and fun. Across all platforms, community is how we connect with each other to cultivate equitable outdoor experiences.

We believe in community. Community is high fives at the top of the hill. Community is the eagerness with which everyone chips in to set up camp at the end of a long day. Community is coming together, again and again because we share something. We share a love of spaces and a passion for moving in them. We share a sense that we can do better in how we show up for those places and people.

This year, SheJumps’ values helped us build impact and community more than ever before:

  • We are investing in equitable inclusion—from scholarships to free events—we are building a better place to belong for all women and girls.

  • We used courage to dream big and tackle our toughest challenges. This led to a revised operational strategy that’s designed to provide more free events than ever before.

  • We found new ways to connect with fellow SheJumpers and nature by introducing our virtual Get the Girls Out! event which had more than 3,000 participants from around the world.

  • We partnered with new guiding companies to provide outdoor play experiences that foster technical skills and experiences in a safe environment.

  • Our Calling Women In event series helped reimagine futures by shining a light on outdoor career paths, especially in the realm of science and math.

  • We welcomed 100 new volunteers with unique voices and experiences to our regional teams. Together, we lift each other up, working to build supportive communities.

Volunteer testimonials

"SheJumps provided me with a safe space and a constantly supportive community that has helped me navigate the outdoor industry as a brown woman. They have made me feel welcome and I want to show others how we do belong despite our background and how we look. WE ALL BELONG IN THE OUTDOORS!" - Dione Rodriguez

"Into my adult years I struggled with acceptance in the outdoors. In my early exposure to new outdoor activities –I struggled to keep up and oftentimes I was left behind, even by my female peers. I was hard on myself because I wasn't acquiring my skills fast enough. I had to become self-sufficient and educate myself because no one was patient enough with me. After a while, I actually began to realize that the beginner mindset was the exhilarating part. Learning something new and seeing yourself start to get stronger or progress was the gem for me that set me free. While I never truly felt lifted up by other women, I feel the desire to give that to others." - Melinda DeCoster Martens

Support SheJumps

SheJumps eliminates barriers of entry into outdoor activity for women and girls nationwide. From scholarships to free events, we also invest in creating local leaders and our beginner programs make it easy for anyone to learn outdoor skills. Outdoor skills translate to powerful life skills. Please give to SheJumps so that more women and girls can grow to their full potential through transformative outdoor play.

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